The Great Walton Railroad

The Great Walton Railroad is a short line operating over track from Covington, Ga. to Machen (Monticello), Ga., and from Monroe to Social Circle, Ga. Interchange with CSX's Georgia Subdivision at Social Circle and Covington, and with NS (CofG) at Machen.

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Great Walton Motive Power:
6580ex B&O 6580GP-30Great Walton green & yellow
6555ex SCC 6555 xx B&O 6555GP-9(?)South Carolina Central red
4537ex CNW 4537GP-9 rebuildCNW green & yellow
6400ex Chessie 6400 xx WM 25GP-7 rebuildChessie paint, ugly
6243ex C&O 6243GP-9(?)C&O late scheme
6243 is a parts locomotive, not in service

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