The Hartwell Railroad

The Hartwell Railroad is a short line operating over ex-SOU leased trackage between Toccoa, Georgia and a few meters short of the Abbeville Subdivision at Elberton, Georgia. Also included is the original Hartwell RR from Bowersville, Georgia to Hartwell, Georgia.

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Hartwell Motive Power:
3016ex DRGW 3016GP-30Hartwell green & yellow
3021ex DRGW 3021GP-30Hartwell green & yellow
136ex RF&P 136GP-35RF&P blue & white
3044ex DRGW 3044GP-35DRGW black & orange
6525ex B&O 6525GP-9Chessie paint
4556ex CNW 4556 xx Rock IslandGP-9(rebuild)CNW green & yellow

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